Apple vs Andy! Boot Animation!

Here’s a very interesting Apple vs. Andy boot animation where Andy zaps Apple.

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9 Responses

  1. Moogle Stiltzkin says:

    Awesome boot animation.

    Any chance we can have a 1280×720 resolution version of it please ?

  2. Mon says:

    Hi, can I install it in a HTC one S? 960×540 it is the resolution of HTC one S


  3. littlejoelgriffo says:

    Any chance of a 480 x 800 version? I love it btw

  4. Niek Schoemaker says:

    Great boot animation.
    It’s just awesome! thanks

  5. dio says:

    can it use at galaxy young 320 x 240 ??

  6. Dennis says:

    it’s awesome…just that it showed up on my phone sideways instead of vertically..

  7. iAlexander says:

    can i resize this boot animation i’m gonna be making a rom, is that alright? 🙂

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