CM9 Boot Animation!

Want CM9 boot animation for your Android smartphone? Well, here’s a bunch of CM9 files in many different resolution sizes.

Download CM9 boot animation here:

Downloads CM9 1280×800 Boot Animation
Downloads CM9 1280×720 Boot Animation
Downloads CM9 960×540 Boot Animation
Downloads CM9 800×480 Boot Animation
Downloads CM9 480×320 Boot Animation

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3 Responses

  1. Vinu says:

    Hi, Max,
    Well ur videos have been really helpful to me i successfully installed
    Criskello ICS v6.0, Siyah v1.5.3 kernel on S3 i9300,

    I just wanted to know whether i can add custom boot animations on my phone,
    if yes then how?
    I tryed rom manager but its not working.

    (I posted the same thing on your Criskelo ROM page too 🙂 )

  2. Mohammad Salman says:

    Hi Vinu, 1st U Need Root Access To Change boot Animation Now Just Follow My Steps First Download Ur Custom Boot Animation And Save It to Ur Sd Card And Use Root Explorer Or Es File Explorer And Go to Ur Internal Storage and Go System Folder And Goto Media Folder And Paste It And U Will Get A Warning Msg Tap (Yes) And Now Your Custom Boot Animation Overwrite Stock Boot Animation Now Ur Boot Animation Changed But It Doesn’t Work Correctly So Tap And Hold Your Pasted Custom Boot Animation In Media Folder Now U Will Get A Lot Of Options Now Tap (Permisssion) And Tick (Owner) ,(Group) other for read permission but write permission tick only owner Then Tap On OK That’s It Now Reboot Ur Android

    But Remeber Take Copy Ur Stock Boot Animation Before Do This Operation Becouse Have Problem To Change It To A Stock Boot Animation..
    Sorry 4 My Bad English BtW I Hope It Works… Enjoy

  3. Mr.o says:

    Thanks for the help Mohammed salmon, I know it was for the other guy, but I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work for for a while, but now I realize that it the permissions. Thanks!

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