Dancing Android Boot Animation!

Here’s one of my favorites, a dancing Android robot boot animation!

This one features the same Android robot featured in SK Telecom for Korean Android smartphones.  Pretty cool.

Download Dancing Android boot animation here:


Download bootanimation.zip

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4 Responses

  1. Guille says:

    I didnt get this one to work on my HTC Desire…. all the others I tried did!!!

  2. Guille says:

    I couldn’t get this one to work!!! all the others did, but this one is just not screening! is this happening to anyone else???

  3. julius says:

    it would be nice if it has a black background..pretty cool.good job.

  4. Cricri says:

    I trimmed it and put it on my JXD S602, which has a 480×272 resolution (like the PSP I believe), and it’s great! I also saved it with a lower colour count to make it smaller.

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