Simpsons Android Boot Animation!

Do you like to watch the Simpsons? ¬†I bet you do, what better way to start your Android smartphone than seeing the Simpsons “Kanged”???

Download Simpsons Android Boot Animation here:

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5 Responses

  1. Richard massaro says:

    simpson is kool but needs music

  2. luc says:

    `pleas make it in 320×480 or was it 300×480 /anyhow pleas make it for samsung galaxy gio s5660 !!!!!!

  3. Socor Kid says:

    so downloaded this boot animation because I have been looking for it everywhere but it wont work on my Gnex…what kernal do I need in order to run this animation?

    I”m on jellybean (CM10) nightlies Euroskank
    with the Air Kernal

  4. Pingouin says:

    “Kanged”? Isn’t it great when people insist on putting their personal mark on something they do not own to start with?

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